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  International Contest AEROBATIC JET CLASS 

Caorle (VE)
24th 25th - June 2017

The idea of a AEROBATIC JET CLASS was born in Italy to offer another contest to the highly skilled RC jet pilots/modelers around the world and after a lot of thought we shall be launching our first International contest.
The Aerobatic Jet Class is a competition that will focus on the RC Pilot’s aerobatic skills.
This event is strictly invitational but people who think they could rise up to the challenge may “ask” for a slot to compete or pilots could even be recommended by others.
Maneuvers will be flown from a list; some of them mandatory and a few will be extracted.
It will be a Saturday and Sunday event with all awards given out at the end of the competition.
We will make every effort to publicize our competition and keep the RC world informed with what’s going on!

The Order of the first flight will be decided by lottery.
The Order of the Second flight will take place by dividing the list of the pilots of the first flight in the middle and starting from there (example: 10 pilots in the first flight, the second will be 6-7-8-9-10-1-2-3-4-5).
The order of the Third flight will follow the reverse order of the provisional ranking.

You can participate with any model powered by turbine or fan (electric and combustion).
Models with a takeoff weight less than 2kg are not allowed (regardless of the type of power) as are models with an external prop.
The maximum weight limit is set by the Civil Aviation Authority.

The competition will take place over two days on Saturday and Sunday.
The order of flights, as explained above, will be respected and there will be no changes in pilot order.
Pilots will perform 3 flights as specified below:
- The flight plan will consist of 8 maneuvers, 6 unknown maneuvers, take-off and landing;
- Immediately after take-off there will be a free pass allowed (not judged) for possible trimming;
- The maneuvers will then have to be performed in the order they are extracted or the pilot will score a zero in the maneuver; if the wind changes direction during the flight, the helper is allowed to call the "wind change". This opportunity is given just before landing, with the addition of another free pass between the last maneuver extracted and landing, while the other maneuvers will be performed in succession as extracted without any free passes regardless of the moment in which the wind changes.
- The 6 maneuvers will be extracted before each round;
- In the case of loss of any component of the aircraft during the flight, scoring shall end and the competitor will be given instructions to land immediately.

The flight will have two mandatory maneuvers, "take-off" with a k=10, and the "circuit, approach and landing" with a k=13, the 6 unknown maneuvers will have a k=10.
The unknown maneuvers are split into 2 groups, Upwind and Downwind.
The maneuvers will be extracted from the following two groups:
Group 1 (Upwind manoeuvres): Group 2 Downwind manoeuvres):
U01 Horizontal Figure of Eight K=10 D01 Cuban Eight K=10
U02 Positive ‘G’ Roll K=10 D02 Slow roll K=10
U03 360 degree descending circle K=10 D03 4-Point Roll K=10
U04 Slow Flight in “dirty” configuration K=10 D04 Half Reverse Cuban Eight K=10
U05 Positive ‘G’ Roll with landing gear extended K=10 D05 Split “S” K=10
U06 Immelman Turn K=10 D06 Inverted Normal Axial Horizontal Roll K=10
U07 Half Cuban Eight K=10 D07 Two Axial Horizontal Rolls in the same direction K=10
U08 One Inside Loop K=10 D08 Two Axial Horizontal Rolls, one in each direction K=10
U09 Normal Vertical Roll K=10 D09 Inverted Slow roll K=10
U10 360 degree Horizontal Circle K=10 D10 Inverted 4-Point Roll K=10
U11 Cobra Roll K=10

U12 Horizontal Derry Eight K=10

U13 Knife-Edge Flight K=10


The temporary ranking of the pilots will be published at the end of the second flight.
The final classification will be the result of adding the two best flights.
The organization will award the 1st - 2nd and 3rd places.

There will be 5 international judges that will score each aerobatic maneuvers for precision, placement and proper geometry on a scale of one (1) to ten (10), with 10 being a perfect score. All aerobatic maneuvers must be flown in the exact sequence submitted by the organization prior to each flight. In the event a planned maneuver is missed a zero (0) score is given for that maneuver.
Scoring begins when the pilot announces that he is beginning the first maneuver (take off), and concludes once he has completed the landing.
Final ranking will be based on the pilots two best flights scored, with the lowest score being dropped.

To create an event which presents a challenge for participants by judging their flying capability and precision.
Use of a predetermined list of maneuvers with various levels of difficulty should allow a very balanced competition.
Maneuvers allow for a variety of jets to be used and should not favor any particular type of jet.
An airshow presentation to minimize “dead time” yet prove challenging and rewarding for participants, while enhancing spectator appeal.

Since the Aerobatic Jet Class is a novel idea, we feel it is important to keep the format simple and straightforward, allowing room for improvement. The turnaround (airshow) format is easily flown by most proficient Jet Pilots with a little advanced practice. The maneuvers selected are designed to be challenging but not troublesome for the intended participants. The goal is to be innovative, time efficient and entertaining. Our goal for this first time event would be to have 15-20 pilots competing in this Aerobatic Jet Class.


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